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A little story,
about a real imaginary dream

"I was drawing a lot for adult people, and never they understand my drawing. So i was decid to learn to fly with my ears..."

Yan Nick, a workman before, looking for a job and today a street's birds. This trubadur walking cities to cities, continets to continets, planet to planet and sometimes he stop few minutes with his accordion for drink a cup of sound...

When the bag opening a front of passengers, the travel begin again...

La rue ketanou, Noir desir or encore Yann tiersen was influence a lot this sunny boy.

Some composition to, because we speak better about what we see.

On the ways of the Bohemia, hemet a Congolese, Solo Sita and SOS Watondo who will allow him to discover finally the stage. He will occur in Holland with his Darbuka.

Arrived in the Caribbean, he is going to meet Cubans, Inhabitants of Guadeloupe then to integrate Toccata into Martinique with his ukulele.

he accordion appeared three years ago when it arrives in Colombia by sailboat. He will form a French-Argentine duet, Gringo Loco, with Luciano Astori, guitarist.

They will make the tour of South America during 2 years, by playing in streets, buses, bars, hostels, boats and some festivals. They will burn their disk, Gringo Loco, « El camino of Bohemia « in the studios of Bogotá, and in the hostel rooms with their portable microphone.

Yannick autooccurs in the graphic realization, the editing of his videos as well as in the recording of her record.

After this long travelling, Yannick brings in in France, and cheek for the first time in its country, France. The magic works but still shy, he decides to leave to Canaria islands where he will meet Male, a percussionist and a player of Senegalese kora. The French- Senegalese duet will bring a new sound, which is again going to enrich its musical education and its journeys.

Finally only Thailand an Japan, where he will become aware of his energy, of his strength, its voice of its passion and love that he sends in the face of his public. And this public who he dismissal its gratitude much to his surprise. He meet Moo Talas Band. A japan music tour 3 weekds. !

Learn to make magic with music