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Liberty Valse

Gringo Loco,
South America

Arrived by sailboat on coast Colombian, and I perceived very quickly that in the world of AmericanSouth, people and even grown-ups live, manage, in streets, on the beach, in buses, on big tourist place.

Gringo Loco is a Argentine French Duo. We played in the street to make little money. A young lady interrupts us and asked us if we could compose a music for a short movie to participate in a competition in Bogota

Scenario, a man is fired his jobwork, he doesn't know what to do any more and decides to walk feet nude, freely right front. So was born this music Liberty Valse, composed by Luciano Astori and Yan Nick. During a long journey between Colombia and Argentina via the Equator, Peru, Bolivia. A duo which confided for these two fellow travellers and friend !